I’m at it again! :)

ImageI’m at it again.  I love to write, so I’m sitting here with my cup of tea and tapping away at the keys.  I don’t know that I’m really much good at writing, but I guess in a blogging style I can be a little more relaxed.  Grammar and information accuracy are important to me, so I will do my best to research and proofread very carefully.

I have a lot of interests.  I love to talk/write about:

  • Natural health and wellness
  • Education
  • Parenting and child-rearing issues
  • Learning new things – such as crocheting (something I’ve been attempting for some time but haven’t been able to be consistent), playing the piano and violin, learning more about nutrition and becoming a better cook, and that’s just a start.

I also have burden to be a blessing to those around me, whether my family that live in the same four walls with me or those that I may come in contact with in the virtual world through this blog or other social media.

I hope on this blog to share about books I’m reading, things I’m praying for, ideas I have, and get feedback from those who would wish to share their thoughts with me.

I’m starting this as a weekly blog (just to keep from over-extending myself), but I would like to be on three to four times per week.

I love feedback, so please feel free to comment away.  If you don’t like something or if you’re just absolutely offended by something I’ve said, please private message (PM) me on www.facebook.com/heather.killbarnes.  All other inquiries can be open or if you prefer a PM, that’s okay, as well.

It may seem a little bland at the moment, but I promise I’ll be customizing as time allows.  Hope to see you here!  Have a GREAT rest of the week and weekend!


About heathercb02

I am a wife and mom, homeschooling our four children, running a business, and enjoying the activities my children like, especially church and Awana clubs. I love to write so much, and mostly about Health and Wellness. I love to promote my business, the opportunity and the products. When I have the chance to help others, whether with health, wealth, homeschooling, or just being a friend, it is the most fulfilling time of my life.
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