The “ember” months are my FAVORITE, but I need to be prepared

Fall Foliage with Bench and ShedHave you ever thought about the last four months of the year and how they are spelled?  Three of them end with the same five letters:  “ember,” and OctoBER is pretty close.  I think of the embers of a fire in the fireplace or a bonfire in the back yard to roast hot dogs, marshmallows (to make s’mores, of course), and to smell the delightful wood burning smell and hear the crackle of the logs.

Well, another part of these months that also can stretch into the “uary” months is the inevitable cold and flu (or both) that many will battle.  Some will feel its toll much more than others, but there are so many precautions and defenses we can use to help guard against them.

Will using these keep you from or your family from getting anything?  No, nothing is foolproof.  However, ignoring all or most of them may be unwise.

I will be linking some of my articles from which were written over the last year.  Should you have any questions about the information, please feel free to ask.  If you prefer to ask privately, please message me through Facebook.

Another source I would like to reference is from a friend’s blog.  Two of my “go-to” are my honey and lemon cough/cold syrup and garlic presses.  The honey and lemon recipe found here is so helpful and laid out so well that I decided to use it rather than write it all out in this post.Honey Color Wheel

I’m adding the link to the garlic press because of the pictures that are included.  I’m a visual person/learner, and by the same chance any of my readers may also be, well…pictures.

Just to give a little taste of the next several posts, which may be into November, since October is a crazy month (and I really wanted to get this post up a month ago), I’m simply going to list the main ideas and tips for overall good health.  From there I hope to tackle the different issues in depth and give as many helps and resources as possible.

1.  Eat right!  Sure, okay, that could run the gamut of discussion.  Let’s simplify – lots of veggies and fruits.  Sure add in the proteins and good fats, but stay away from sugars, processed foods, and even red meat and dairy at certain points, if necessary.

2.  Drink WATER!  Yes, water.  Check here for a long list of reading.  🙂

3.  Exercise – this is another that could be another whole post, but I would simply say, walk for 20-30 minutes four or five times a week.

4.  Sleep – do your best to be in bed at the same time each night and get up at the same time each morning.  Lacking sleep, trying to “catch up” on sleep, or having an erratic sleeping pattern inhibits your immune system and lowers your body’s ability to fight “sickness.”

5.  Take a good daily multi (here’s mine) and Vitamin C.

6.  Remember the “community” tips – wash your hands, cough or sneeze into your elbow, stay away from sick people or from well people if you’re sick, and oh, wash your hands.  🙂

7.  Check out these posts for further information.  In the “search” box you can look up information about echinacea, garlic, turmeric, ginger, honey, and many other incredible cold and flu fighters.

Roasted Marshmellow

Here’s to hoping you enjoy your “ember” months.  I plan to enjoy mine…and stay healthy while doing it.

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I am a wife and mom, homeschooling our four children, running a business, and enjoying the activities my children like, especially church and Awana clubs. I love to write so much, and mostly about Health and Wellness. I love to promote my business, the opportunity and the products. When I have the chance to help others, whether with health, wealth, homeschooling, or just being a friend, it is the most fulfilling time of my life.
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